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 Why The Speaker’s Backbone Is For You

What if you could speak with charisma and confidence - every single time you take the stage? Imagine the possibilities if you could do the same for every other aspect of your life.

This Programme is about discovering and Reconnecting with Your Voice and Message. You will be able to bring out the charisma and confidence that has always been inside you! And once it has been discovered, it can never be taken away from you. Find your voice, and empower yourself to deliver your message to inspire others. 


 Why This Programme Was Created..

“I have always had a fascination with rock stars. When they go on stage, they are not just performing - they really own the stage.

When I started speaking and training, I modeled what I observed in an attempt to recreate that level of confidence. I imitated their gestures and used prepared scripts. But the more I did it, the less real it felt. I was so focused on the how that I lost the connection with my crowd. When we fake it, people know it, and that's why we feel disempowered.

It was then I realized that confidence and charisma cannot be faked. It is something that is in each and every one of us, and we possess it in our own unique way. When we can discover our confidence and charisma, they can never be taken away from us.

That's how you can create Impact.

That's how you can motivate.

And that's how you can initiate transformation.”

- Thomas Yap, creator of The Speaker’s Backbone


 What The Speaker’s Backbone is All About

Do you have a message to share with the world?

Do You want to Leave an Impact long after you're done speaking?

Have you ever felt that you did a fantastic job on stage, but the crowd didn't respond the way you wanted them to?

Being congruent and on point with your message is the best way to drive your speaking skills to a whole new level.

Speaking is not just about speaking. It is not only about what you say; it is about how you say it. You could be the world's foremost expert on the subject; but if you cannot connect with your audience, your words will be lost on their ears.

In Speaker's Backbone, you will learn to find your essence, and present your core message with power, integrity, and charisma. Whether you are new to the stage or wish to upgrade your speaking skills, Speaker's Backbone will elevate you, and let you own the stage. It's about having your message clearly defined, tying your delivery and communication to it and having your true essence demonstrated all in alignment.

 The Speaker's Backbone is a 3 day Immersive Experience to discover Your Voice, Your Message, Your Confidence, Your Charisma. How you will relate to others will change forever.


 Full Programme Summary


+ Day 1: Expand Your Stage

Most speakers think of a stage as just a platform. But there is so much more potential than what it is.

In Day 1, you will dive deep to learn how World Class Speakers utilize the stage to create a powerful presentation. Body Language is a double edged sword. It can often betray what we want to convey. But when used correctly, it can not only increase the Clarity of the message. It can also Enhance the Emotions experienced by the crowd. Increasing the Impact and Memorability.

Key Learnings:

  • Explore and Maximize The Usage of The Stage
  • How to ensure Maximum Clarity in Your Message
  • Key Body Language that Transforms how your audience feels

Key game: Mélodramatique Discourse

Theme: Parisian Mime

+ Day 2: Find Your Crowd

Rapport is key in having your message being shared.

You will learn how to build Rapport Rapidly with your audience so that they will trust you. This will reduce resistance and increase interaction with your crowd. You will be applying Audience Response Techniques to your presentation to make any Audience, Your Audience.

In the other half of the day, we will learn how to overcome of the fears of being on stage. Most speakers think that they have to be something else to be accepted or loved on stage. But the act of doing so is the one that creates a barrier with your Audience. I'm sure you have experienced someone who speaks very well, but you just don't seem to trust the person. That's when you know they are hiding something and not being in Intergrity. We will learn how to face and overcome these fears once and for all so you can feel comfortable and be fully present in your power on stage.

Key Learnings:

  • Learn how to increase response and interaction with your crowd
  • Build Rapport Rapidly with your Audience to increase trust
  • Learn to connect with your emotions to deliver powerfully
  • Understand the importance of integrity when on stage

+ Day 3: Own The Stage

Telling Stories have been the most ancient way of sharing information and transforming lives.

The chieftains in the native Americans were considered highly valuable in their society because they shape the future of the tribe's wisdom through enchanting storytelling. You will learn in Day 3 how to turn your message into a powerful, life changing story.

You will also learn how to command your crowd through Hypnotic Language Techniques. These are tested and proven methods that will help you command your Audience with more power and ease.

Key Learnings:

  • How to Tell Captivating and Spellbinding Stories
  • Learn how to captivate your crowd, leaving them hanging to each and everyone you say
  • Reduce resistance from your audience and increase trust
  • Command the audience powerfully and purposefully

 Meet Thomas Yap

The Pulse.

The co-founder of Cavemen Global Sdn Bhd, Thomas is an accomplished speaker who has spoken to more than 9,000 people throughout his career. He brings a unique flair of presentation skills which involves everything that can be used onstage – Body Language, Tonality, Stage Management and Personality Types. Prior to starting Cavemen, using this key skill, Thomas built a business that generated $1,800,000-$2,100,000 per month in sales in India.

“I believe we are here in this world for a reason. My job is to help people reconnect with that power and help them express that gift to the world.” - Thomas Yap, International Speaker and CFO of Cavemen Global Sdn. Bhd.


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