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Cavemen Global is committed to supporting and educating people. This happens by us ultimately meeting people where they are. How, when and in what format that education and support comes in a wide variety of different forms. Its for this reason that the Cavemen Global team, and its members, are committed to presenting exceptional value and quality to groups of people ready to grow, improve and transform themselves, their organisations, and/or their communities around them through our Keynote Speaking Programme.

Cavemen Keynote Speakers are not your average presentation! They are challenging, thought provoking, engaging and often VERY enjoyable. Rarely if ever afraid to push the crowds limits, Cavemen speakers are evocative and push the understanding of the audience to have them walk away inspired, intrigued and wanting more.

 Featured Speakers



THOMAS is an international speaker, trainer and coach. After being introduced to the power of network marketing and direct selling, he decided to leave his corporate job and build his own network marketing business.

In less than 3 years, he built a team that produces more than USD 25 million in sales revenue annually and a network that spans across multiple countries including India and Thailand. He has trained and given talks to more than 8000 people internationally on the topics of Sales, Negotiation, and Stagecraft. He has coached and trained individuals from companies such as Nuskin, Amway, Enagic, Melaleuca and Wellness Concept amongst others.

Thomas’ skills in business and stage craft as well as his compassion for the challenges faced by many entrepreneurs have helped him create programmes that are not only built on essential business principals but that also have theatrical flair and heart which sets them apart from many other programmes in the market today.



Stage Essence

Stage Selling, Closing Techniques, Money Blueprint


  1. Wealth Blueprint Wealth is a Choice
  2. Rock The Stage: How to Speak with Impact, Power and Confidence


  • $2.7 Million Turnover in current business in India
  • Successfully Launched a Network Marketing company in India
  • Duty Manager and Training Manager for 5 Stars Luxury Hotel Chain
  • Trained, Speak and Coached 11,000+ people.
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LEONG started his career in Procter & Gamble where by the age of 23, he was managing a USD150 million portfolio across ten countries in Asia. In just two years, he had created multiple initiatives that increased their sales revenue by seven figures and in 2011, won two prestigious international marketing awards.

Since then, he started his own online business, generating over five figure monthly sales revenues within 6 months. Following his success in this field, he began coaching other individuals to produce similar if not better results.

Leong’s experiences in coaching awakened in him the desire to continue supporting others on a larger scale to achieve greater success not just in marketing but in building their businesses as a whole. His ability to identify gaps in business processes and create innovative and practical solutions for them make him an invaluable member of the Cavemen team.



Market Research, Market Insight to Life

Digital Marketing, Build an integrated marketing plan, List Building


  1. 10x Customer Growth Through Marketing
  2. Secrets of Customer Loyalty: What Billion Dollar Brands Know That You Don't


  • Launched Oral-B UltraThin into Asia (Portfolio value: $USD 150 Million)
  • Built a 6-figure automated digital funnel
  • Won 2 International Marketing Awards (L'Oreal Brandstorm 2011; P&G ASEAN Business Challenge)



GERRIEV is a former lawyer who shifted gears from motorsports journalism to being the creative director of an advertising agency to being a mediator and certified trainer and coach. He is a PRISM neuroscience brain-mapping practitioner and a Kirkpatrick Assessment practitioner.

In his experience running a business with partners, he became present to the challenges often faced between partners and shareholders. This led him to explore and study mediation and conflict resolution, becoming an accredited mediator by the Bar Council-Malaysian Mediation Centre.

As a trainer he specialises in Transformational Leadership Empowerment, Conflict and Emotional Management, and Organisational Change. He has conducted trainings for over a decade in multiple countries across the region and has worked with organisations such as Bank Negara, IBM, Shell, Sime Darby and DHL among many others.



Stakeholder profiling and engagement

Mediation, Conflict Management, Neuroscience Profiling, EQ


  1. Turn Enemies into Fans.
  2. Pride and Prejudice Influence on Conflict.
  3. Handling Difficult Customers Authentically. Giving Appraisal Without Prejudice


  • Interview with Capital TV, Bernama TV, BFM and RTM Sarawak as Subject Matter Expert for Professional Opinion on Conflict Crisis Management.
  • Coaching TEDx Speakers since 2013.



JEAN-PAUL is a master coach and trainer and the CEO of Cavemen Global. Upon moving to Malaysia, Jean-Paul began attending personal development programmes where he discovered his passion and desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

After attending Accomplishment Coaching’s Coaches Training Programme, he learned to support clients to change their behaviours, beliefs and habits to powerfully move forward and transform themselves. He also worked with a number of companies to shift their culture and teams to achieve greater cohesion and leadership within the organisation.

In addition to his coaching and training, Jean-Paul is also a Senior Director-Consultant of BNI where he trains and mentors other Director-Consultants throughout the KL-Metro region to grow their chapters. With the Cavemen, Jean-Paul uses his natural creativity to develop unique and engaging immersive simulations that, combined with his coaching skills, enable participants to experience tremendous insight not only in their business but in all aspects of their lives.



Clarity, Purpose, Personal Mastery

Story Telling


  1. Masterful Leadership: Transforming Yourself into an Elite Leader
  2. Limitless Learning: The Future of Adult Education and Training


  • 1000 Hours of Executive Coaching
  • Certified ICF Coach
  • Managed multi-million dollar multi-national projects running in 5 countries simultaneously
  • Featured in Brand Laurete Magazine and Malaysia SME Magazine

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