We Don't Train, We Transform

We Aren't A Training Company
We Are The Start Of A Movement

- Cavemen Global


 Our mission

From the time Cavemen Global was started, it was clear we were going to do things…a little differently. We didn’t want clients, we wanted partners and we knew that to do that we needed to look at training in a different way. Cavemen Global believes is our duty and mission to spark and support the next generation to step up and take leadership to create a world that works for 100% of people 100% of the time.

To do this, we create unique and impactful immersive simulations that challenge people’s understanding, application of content and give room for growth so they can make a bigger impact than ever before. When combined with our powerful debrief sessions, this changed the impact the participants received and it challenged us to evolve the training methods into a completely new and revolutionary style of open-ended learning.


Our Vision

Our vision is "Creating a world of collaborators who are committed to establishing a win-win-win world".

Win-Win-Win means people treat themselves, their stakeholders and the planet with respect and honour to have a rewarding and successful life. We envision working with our tribe members and their networks to create inclusive solutions to solve many social problems all over the world.

We believe that the success of the tribe depends on the success of each individual in it and we want to create an environment for breakthroughs and remove any obstacles that would prevent them from fully realising their Greatness. This is why we formed the tribe, to see through this vision of success through collaboration.



We don’t have clients. We don’t have participants.
We don’t have students. We have a tribe. 

The Cavemen Global Tribe is unified by a desire to develop themselves, grow their businesses and create massive impact within their communities and the world. We curate and attract leaders from CEOs, senior executives, business owners, experts from diverse industries and future leaders. In Cavemen Global, this is where the tribe get personal and business clarity to create infinite possibilities, a safe space to just be themselves and receive endless support. We envision a tribe where you can find a Cavemen Global for support every 2 hours away everywhere in the world.

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How to be Part of Our Tribe?

We want to work with leaders and we want to support the creation of leaders. Whether you are a pillar of your industry and want to raise the calibre of your staff, or you have an idea you want to get out of your head and into reality, Cavemen has the support you need. 


Small/Medium to Large Organisations
(more than 30 people)


Start ups and smaller companies
(less than 30 people)


All public and corporate training programmes conducted by Cavemen Global Sdn Bhd are eligible for HRDF claims, subject to prior application to HRDF by the employers.


 Who Are The Cavemen


Jean-Paul Valdes

Transformation Engineer


Thomas Yap

The Pulse


Leong Chan

Digital Wiz


Gerriev Chow

Peaceful Warrior


Chirleyz Loh

Programme Director


Joelle Foong

Business Development Manager


Jade Yap

Finance & Admin Manager


Yolanda Wong

Marketing Manager

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Cavemen Global was founded by established trainers and coaches with over 30 years of combined experience. Coming together, they were able to use their experience and training in different techniques such as Experiential Excellerated Learning, Ontological Coaching, and Game-Based Training.

All of this has been blended together into a single school of training we have developed called Open-Ended Learning and this is done through the method of delivery we call Immersive Simulations.

 Immersive Simulation

Immersive Simulations put participants into situations that challenge them to immediately apply and use newly learned content. The games are created to evoke this experience, force the participants to test themselves in new and unexpected ways. This in turn supports the retention of the content they have been taught and deepens the learning as it becomes more relevant and immediate.


  • Gives participants the opportunity to learn from one another, while also learning what THEY specifically need.
  • Highlight problems and areas of special interest, strengths or weaknesses.
  • Helps foster creativity and resourcefulness.
  • Helps build up strong relationships and networks.

Key Principles in Immersive Simulations

  • Using environmental and thematic situations to increase immersion.
  • Immediately learn what does and doesn’t work so that adaptability is fostered which increases applicability.
  • Allows for a wide variety of lessons to be learned on an individual and personalized level.
  • Supports the participants to re-apply the content into their daily activities.